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Base Motion creates systems to guide young athletes aspiring to compete at the collegiate and professional stage. Children require a specific approach to development that contrasts from the training of adults. Sensitive periods of movement abilities can make or break a child’s advancement. Additionally, awareness of psychological and socioeconomic factors must be considered in pursuing elite sport competition. Base Motion is the resource for improving the knowledge of those who lead our athletes.


The greatest influence of a child must support their athlete as far as their knowledge can and understand how to maximize resources in the Process of Achieving Sports Mastery.


Each trainer responsible for the global development of his or her athlete must demonstrate competency which protects the child’s health and advances their performance in the long-run.


Leaders of sports clubs and scholastic athletic departments must structure the environment for coaches and athletes to operate efficiently in the limited time available to reach the next competitive stage.

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    Base Motion creates systems of long-term sports development which guide youth athletes towards collegiate and professional competition.


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